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Disaster Recovery and Backup
Disaster Recovery and Backup Recovery IT Services

We are a Managed IT Services company with offices in British Columbia's Lower Mainland and the Okanagan Valley. We have customers all over Canada and the United States of America.

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery
On-site And Off-site Storage To Ensure Your Data Is Safe

All businesses are exposed to the risk of unexpected outages, system failures, software corruptions, maintenance windows, human errors, and outside threats or disasters. These issues have proven to impact a company’s sales, services, productivity, and sometimes their survival. Businesses need a reliable and affordable way to ensure that business operation and important data are not impacted by unforeseen events

Your disaster backup recovery solution

Backup Recovery Is All About Protecting What Is Important To You.

When considering the recoverability of your business systems, your backup recovery solution should not be taken lightly. Many businesses want the cost of a “set it and forget it” solution, but when a disaster occurs, they need the results of an enterprise solution.

Backup Recovery allows companies to continue to conduct business through unexpected service failures or unplanned downtime as usual. Our solution uses advanced technology that utilizes the industry’s leading storage compression methods which allows for faster recovery times. We can even provide an emergency lease server to get you up and running as quickly as possible should a disaster occur.

Benefits of Backup Recovery Services

Key Features:

OurIT.ca Backup Recovery is a Turnkey Solution

It provides Security and Reliability, allowing you to sleep better at night knowing all of your hard work is protected.

What More Could You Ask For?


Disaster Recovery Built For SMB

Protect What Is Important To You
Disaster Recovery is only worth anything when it is put to good use. In the past, this was a matter of simply doubling up your technology. In other words, paying for an exact replica of your physical environment to failover just in case. Disasters don’t happen every day, so why pay for a solution that charges as if you are constantly recovering? .
Is Your Plan Effective?

When you think about your disaster recovery plan, does your tape backup system come to mind? Does the mere mention of disaster recovery make you a bit nervous?

If so, you’re not alone. Many businesses risk grave losses due to failures and disasters yet continue to depend on untested solutions to help them recover successfully should a major outage occur. At risk is the whole of your IT infrastructure, core applications and business/ownership deliverables

Benefits Of a Disaster Recovery Program:

  1. A local storage solution will be provided to store your backups locally, this is useful for recovering deleted files or folders.
  2. All your data is protected using military grade encryption, when transmitted and when stored.
  3. An offsite copy of your backups is stored in OurIT.ca’s cloud, this is used if your facility is damaged or missing.
  4. OurIT.ca engineers periodically perform test restores to our lab, to insure your systems are always recoverable.
  5. The entire process is monitored by our experts to make sure your data and systems are ready when you need them.